Alex Kong, Founder of Newly Licensed TNG Wallet, Named “CEO of the Year”


Hong Kong, 5 September, 2016TNG Wallet (“TNG”), Hong Kong’s Number 1 e-wallet1, which recently secured the coveted Stored Value Facilities Licence from the Hong Kong Monetary Authority last week, announced today that its founder and CEO, Mr. Alex Kong, has been named “CEO of the Year” by Capital CEO Magazine.


Cited for his achievements in financial technology (“FinTech”), Mr. Kong received the award at the 12th anniversary dinner of the Hong Kong-based publication. The award honours C-level management for their achievements and contributions. Candidates are selected based on their vision and leadership, global competitiveness, business innovation, and corporate social responsibility.


Under Mr. Kong’s leadership, TNG has gained acceptance by many in the tech industry as a true e-wallet which can be operated totally independent of a user’s bank or credit card account. Users can store prepaid value for online and offline purchases, pay bills, send money to other TNG users, transfer money to any bank account in Hong Kong and make cash withdrawals 365 days a year with just a few taps on the mobile phone.


Since its launching in Hong Kong in November 2015 TNG has recruited more than 370,000 users, underscoring its popularity and success. Founded by Mr. Kong in 2013, TNG has also been appointed as the sole e-ticketing platform for major events such as the Hong Kong Book Fair 2016 and the Hong Kong Food Expo 2016.


TNG’s other accolades include the top prize in Finnovasia 2016 Startup Battle and the Gold Award (Emerging Internet Finance Company Category) in the Hong Kong Internet Finance Awards 2016. Mr. Kong also secured TNG places in the Cyberport Incubation Programme and Accenture FinTech Innovation Lab Asia Pacific Programme.


Mr. Kong said: “I am grateful and honoured to receive this prestigious award which recognises the efforts of the TNG team to transform the e-payment sector. The award will serve as a catalyst for our mission to develop a secure, world-class mobile e-payment ecosystem and facilitate the seamless migration to the cashless and cardless digital lifestyle for the region.”



1. Based on total e-wallet application downloads and installations counts in Nov 2015