TNG Wallet Being Approved for Towngas Electronic Bill Payment


TNG Wallet Being Approved for Towngas Electronic Bill Payment


Hong Kong, 19 April 2017TNG Wallet (“TNG”), Hong Kong’s Number 1 e-wallet[1], is officially approved for electronic bill payment for The Hong Kong and China Gas Company Limited (“Towngas”) yesterday. This cooperation holds benefits for both Hong Kong’s leading e-wallet service provider and the city’s oldest public utility organization by mutually broadening its service offers.


With over 460,000 and growing subscribers, TNG, one of the earliest batch of Stored Value Facility (“SVF”) licensees awarded by the Hong Kong Monetary Authority (“HKMA”), empowers subscribers with an ever-expanding range of services to ease their daily lives by enabling bill payments, remittance, fund transfers, foreign currency purchases and more via phone authorizations, bypassing physical queuing and waiting time.


Alex Kong, Founder and CEO of TNG Wallet says, “This is a natural progression in improving subscription value and flexibility for TNG Wallet subscribers. It is our goal to integrate superior online transaction services that are secure, hassle-free and convenient that TNG Wallet subscribers deserve.


TNG Wallet’s collaboration with Towngas, Hong Kong’s first public utility and one of the leading energy providers is testament to our commitment to refine and give better functionality and value through meaningful services and that means paying bills securely, remitting to foreign countries and purchasing foreign currency, at anytime and anyplace. 


“Financial technology (“FinTech”) and e-wallets in Hong Kong are in such infancy that TNG Wallet is in the forefront of lining up a host of financial services that are convenient and time-saving to translate into better peace of mind for customers. TNG Wallet places financial control at the palm of our subscribers’ hands and paying utilities such as Towngas anytime, anywhere, is great convenience in our growing list of service functions.


“At time of writing, TNG Wallet already offers bill payment services for loan payments, utility & toll fees, telecoms fees, local government services, cable company fees, selected airlines payments and selected residential fees in overseas countries such as in the Philippines, enabling our subscribers to pay their bills remotely. TNG Wallet subscribers can expect more functions in our list that already includes payment for purchases, person-to-person (P2P) transfers, global and local bill payments, bank money transfers, SIM card top-ups, foreign exchange transactions, cash withdrawals, e-coupon redemptions and e-ticketing.


“As Hong Kong is a true melting pot of foreigners who live and work here, TNG Wallet empowers subscribers with a wide range of financial capabilities which permits remote and instant execution.” he concludes.

Recognised by many in the tech industry as a true e-wallet, TNG Wallet can be operated totally independent of a user’s bank or credit card account. It allows users to store prepaid value for online & offline purchases, pay bills, send money to other TNG Wallet subscribers, transfer money to any bank account in Hong Kong and make cash withdrawals 365 days a year with just a few taps on the mobile phone.

[1] Based on total e-wallet application downloads and installations count in Nov 2015