TNG Launches Innovative TNG Mastercard Prepaid Cards


(Hong Kong, 25 November 2019) - TNG (Asia) Limited ("TNG") that operate TNG Wallet, today announced the launch of the innovative and convenient TNG Mastercard prepaid card. TNG Wallet’s Super VIP members can now apply for TNG Mastercard in the TNG Wallet mobile application to enjoy its secure payment services.


Any spending by TNG Mastercard is deducted directly from the TNG Wallet account, allowing users to view their spending record and account balance real-time in the TNG Wallet, and providing them a simple and easy financial management method.  In addition, TNG Mastercard has an innovative feature that allows users to login to TNG Wallet anytime and anywhere to adjust their daily, weekly or monthly spending limits. Users can review and manage their spending patterns easily and effectively, so as to cultivate a good and prudent spending habit.


TNG Mastercard users can go beyond TNG Wallet’s network and connect to a network of Mastercard merchants worldwide. Whether it is for online shopping, subscription to entertainment channels, daily spending, or overseas traveling, users can quickly complete the payment procedure by adopting the contactless payment system, which significantly improves user experience.  Through the application, users can also activate or deactivate the online payment services by Mastercard and they can even choose the region to accept payment; these functions are expected to increase the confidence of users and enhance overall security.


Cardholders can receive a minimum of 2% rebate of TNG Points for their spending with TNG Mastercard, which means every 50 Hong Kong dollars spent amount to a rebate of 1 TNG Point.  When using the TNG Wallet for overseas remittance, TNG Points can be used to deduct remittance administrative fees. In addition, TNG will continue to cooperate with business partners to launch various discount or concession programs, such as dining or shopping offers, in return for our members' long-standing support for TNG.  For more information and special offers, you can reach TNG Wallet’s website.


"We are very pleased to witness the successful cooperation between TNG and Mastercard, through which, we have successfully brought up the new and creative e-wallet concept to the society. In the near future, TNG will closely work with Mastercard to seek for further cooperation, so as to provide better payment services for users, allowing them to travel and spend around the world easily.  Meanwhile, TNG will continue to closely monitor the needs of users as well as the trends in the technology market and develop new, perfect e-wallet services to users, so as to provide them more diversified and efficient user experience." said Mr. Alex Kong, Founder and Chairman of TNG.