TNG Wallet launches revolutionary “Make Money” feature


TNG Wallet launches revolutionary “Make Money” feature that allows users to make money in their spare time; Advertisers can achieve guaranteed results


Hong Kong, Jan. 23, 2017 – TNG Wallet (“TNG”), Hong Kong’s number 1 e-wallet, today announced the launch of a cool and revolutionary new feature that allows all users to make money with just a few clicks – anytime, anywhere.


"No mobile App in the market gives users real cash in such an easy way and for the cash to be linked up to their e-Wallet directly,” said Mr. Alex Kong, Founder and CEO of TNG Wallet. “We are excited to see that TNG Wallet is not just providing services such as online and offline payment, bill payment, payment for taxi ride, cash withdrawal and global remittance, but also a new and easy way to make money during their spare time. What’s more, the money that users make can be used at any of our 2,000 TNG merchant outlets, transferred to their bank account, remitted overseas, or withdrawn in cash through one of the 27 outlets, 365 days a year.”


Mr. Kong added: “There are millions of Apps available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store, and by using our feature, we can help App developers guarantee the results and their return.” Through its unique “Make Money” platform, TNG can help boost new App downloads in a very short period of time, improving the App’s ranking on Google Play Store and Apple App Store.


“Conversion through traditional media, including social media, can be very expensive costing anywhere from HK$100 to HK$200 per download. Similarly, to earn a Facebook “Like” or a fan costs around HK$10-HK$20, while a “share” post can cost between HK$50-HK$100.” Mr. Kong said.


For advertisers and companies, TNG’s “Make Money” is a revolutionary advertising platform to help advertisers and companies achieve measurable and guaranteed return on investment, while lowering customer acquisition costs. The business potential of “Make Money” is immense, given that a figure of total ad spending in Hong Kong in 2015 amounted to HK$46 billion1.

TNG’s “Make Money” platform creates a win-win for both the advertisers (companies) and their customers (users) and brings Hong Kong STEP FORWARD!

“Make Money” Tutorial for existing users:


  1. Open "Make money" in your TNG Wallet and install;
  2. Select a mission in "Make Money";
  3. Cash reward will be automatically deposited into your TNG account when you completed the mission.

1. Ad spending in Hong Kong in 2015 amounted to HK$46 billion, admanGo