TNG Wallet Provides Free Instant Money Transfer Service Connecting to All Banks and Major E-Wallets in Hong Kong


Hong Kong, 17 September 2018 – TNG (Asia) Limited (“TNG”), one of the first batch of Stored Value Facilities ("SVF") licensees in Hong Kong, announces TNG Wallet connects to all banks and major e-wallets in Hong Kong through Faster Payment Service (“FPS”). From today onwards, the public can register their mobile number or email address with FPS via TNG Wallet. With the official launch of FPS on 30 September, TNG users can instantly send/receive money to/from all banks and major e-wallets in Hong Kong for free, by simply entering the receiver’s registered mobile number or email address.

Mr. Alex Kong, Founder and CEO of TNG, says, “FPS enables instant money transfer between banks and e-wallets. Riding on this opportunity, TNG can further accelerate financial inclusion. We are glad to be part of this historic moment. It is a remarkable milestone for Hong Kong as it officially steps into a 24×7 banking era, in which money never sleeps.”