Important Notice

TNG (ASIA) LTD wishes to alert consumers that do not download and/or install TNG Mobile Apps through any websites without TNG authorisation to avoid any loss. TNG Apps can only be downloaded on the official Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

TNG (ASIA) Ltd. (「TNG」) 提醒客戶,切勿通過TNG未經授權網站下載及/或安裝TNG手機應用程式,以免招致損失。TNG手機應用程式只能在官方蘋果App Store和Google Play商店下載。

TNG (ASIA) Ltd. (「TNG」) 提醒客户,切勿通过TNG未经授权网站下载及/或安装TNG手机应用程式,以免招致损失。TNG手机应用程式只能在官方苹果App Store和Google Play商店下载。

Last updated 01/6/2016 HKT