TNG Points Terms and Conditions

These Terms and Conditions (“Terms and Conditions”) have been adopted on 1 October 2019 and revised on 16 September 2021in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, the People’s Republic of China (“Hong Kong”) relating to TNG Points managed and operated by TNG (Asia) Limited (“TNG”).

General Terms

By accepting, signing on or using the TNG Points obtained via use of the TNG Mastercard, you agree to be bound by the Terms and Conditions below as amended from time to time. “You”, “your” and “user” refer to the person who has applied, registered and used TNG Mastercard. “We”, “us” and “our” refer to TNG.

Please read the Terms and Conditions below carefully before activating, subscribing or using the TNG Points. By activating, subscribing or using the TNG Points, you are deemed to have read, understood and agree to be bound by the Terms and Conditions.

  1. TNG Points programme is open to individuals aged 18 or above who are SVIP+ members/users of TNG Wallet that have subscribed, activated and used the TNG Mastercard. TNG Points would not available to corporations or other legal entities, and acceptance to the programme shall be at the sole discretion of TNG.
  2. TNG Points are personal and non-transferable. It may only be earned, used or redeemed by the users by conducting a transaction using TNG Mastercard.
  3. TNG Points remain the property of TNG unless it is redeemed or used by users. TNG Points shall be used by users prior to the expiry date. Upon expiry, TNG Points shall be lapsed and non-redeemable by users. No refund nor redemption shall be made or offered for expired TNG Points.
  4. Misuse of TNG Points or the programme benefits, including but not limited to, fraud and misconduct, may result in termination or suspension of TNG Mastercard and/or TNG Wallet, or withdrawal of benefits.
  5. TNG reserves the right to modify the TNG Points programme structure, benefits and other features, including these Terms and Conditions, or to terminate, cancel or revoke TNG Points or the programme, at any time. Although TNG will use reasonable efforts to notify users of material changes to TNG Points programme and/or to these Terms and Conditions, it is the responsibility of users to keep themselves up to date in respect of the TNG Points programme and these Terms and Conditions. Any use of TNG Points by a user will be deemed as acceptance of any amendment. TNG will not be liable for loss or damage resulting from any amendment to TNG Points or to these Terms and Conditions.
  6. Users of the TNG Points can opt in and/or opt out for receipt of any marketing or promotional material under the programme.
  7. Users are responsible for the security of their passwords and PIN, and TNG shall not be liable in the event that a user's password or PIN is disclosed, whether intentionally or not, so as to allow a third person access to the user’s TNG Wallet account to make transactions.
  8. TNG reserves the right to audit a user’s TNG Wallet account without prior notice to ensure compliance with these terms and conditions; any merchant’s terms and conditions; and any other applicable rules, regulations or terms and conditions. During the course of an audit, the user’s TNG Wallet account will be temporarily suspended, and the user will not be permitted to access his/her account nor perform any transactions.
  9. To Earn TNG Points

  10. To earn TNG Points, users must use their TNG Mastercard for purchase and spending in relation to products or services. Some merchants may advise of different earning/crediting procedures, which should then be followed by users.
  11. TNG may vary the spend types on earning TNG Points. At present, TNG Points can only be earned by conducting a transaction using TNG Mastercard, and it cannot be earned by making the spending types of below transactions:
    1. cash deposit, top up and/or withdrawal;
    2. payment of administrative or service fees charged by TNG;
    3. bill payment;
    4. a transaction does not earn TNG Points if it is unposted or it is posted but subsequently cancelled, reversed or refunded (including tax refund on purchases) in whole or in part.
  12. The earning ratio of TNG Points will be calculated by the prevailing earning ratio set by TNG. TNG Points will be rounded down to the nearest 0.01 units.
  13. When users spend with TNG Mastercard at designated merchants, the cumulative TNG Points may be used as cash concurrently in the same transaction, with the TNG Points will be deducted.
  14. Redemption or use of TNG Points is applicable to a transaction for any service conducted at TNG Wallet as set out in Clause 23 herein. Please check the terms and conditions for such services at TNG website located at
  15. There may be only certain transactions with certain merchants that are eligible to earn TNG Points. These are set out at TNG Wallet App or TNG website at, updated from time to time, and may be specifically published by TNG and/or merchants.
  16. For promotions restricted to a particular market, residency is determined by the user’s identification document and/or preferred mailing address as registered with TNG.
  17. TNG Points will only be officially recorded upon the acceptance of an TNG Wallet account application, approval of membership status and completion of a transaction.
  18. TNG Points are personal and non-transferable to other users, credit or rebate programmes. In general, unless there is a joint promotion programme, TNG does not accept the conversion of reward points from other programme(s) to TNG Points.
  19. In order to be eligible for TNG Points, users must make sure that TNG Mastercard shall be used in a transaction.
  20. TNG Points are valid for redeeming or rebating a transaction at TNG Wallet under Clause 23 herein as soon as they are credited to a TNG Wallet account and before the respective expiry date(s).
  21. Unless otherwise required by local law or regulation, TNG Points are valid and shall be expired at the last calendar day of the succeeding month after a transaction has been conducted and completed by using TNG Mastercard. For further details on TNG Points, please refer to No refund will be offered for any TNG Points upon expiry.
  22. If TNG incorrectly denies a TNG Point, then TNG’s only liability will be to provide the user with the correct number of TNG Points.
  23. TNG reserves the right to adjust, revoke, cancel or terminate any TNG Points credited to a TNG Wallet account incorrectly, or not in accordance with, or in breach of, these terms and conditions or the terms and conditions of merchants, at any time, with or without notice to a user.
  24. To Redeem or Use TNG Points

  25. Users shall redeem or use TNG Points in the following scenarios:
    1. automatically deduct the administrative fee for conducting remittance;and/or
    2. subscribing value-added services provided by TNG which shall be available under TNG Mastercard programme from time to time.
  26. Users may redeem their TNG Points for certain awards or as payment rebate/discount.
  27. All money payable for redeeming any awards using the TNG Points must be in Hong Kong dollars, unless otherwise indicated.
  28. All money paid by users for redeeming any awards will not be refunded under any circumstances.
  29. The user (or the consignee of the award) will be responsible for all applicable taxes, duties, charges (including without limitation any customs charges, import duties, postal clearance fees and any delivery charges) that may be imposed or charged in relation to the redemption, delivery and receipt of the award.
  30. All awards or rebates redeemed, purchased and/or collected using your TNG Points are subject to the specific terms and conditions of the merchants offering such awards or rebates.
  31. TNG does not warrant or guarantee the quality, merchantability or fitness for purpose, of products / services sold / offered by any merchant.
  32. Miscellaneous Provisions

  33. These Terms and Conditions shall be construed and governed by the laws of Hong Kong.
  34. The earning, redemption or rebate procedure of TNG Points is subject to these Terms and Conditions, and related terms and conditions of TNG Wallet as adopted by TNG from time to time. Please refer to TNG website located at: for details. For details, you may contact TNG by telephone at +852-39516268 or email at
  35. Other than TNG’s subsidiaries, affiliates, associated companies and any assigns of TNG, no other person who is not a party to these Terms and Conditions has any right under the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Ordinance, Chapter 623, the Laws of Hong Kong, to enforce and/or benefit of these Terms and Conditions.
  36. TNG reserves the right to vary or terminate the TNG Points programme at any time and to amend the Terms and Conditions from time to time. In case of disputes, the decision of TNG shall be final.
  37. These Terms and Conditions are subject to prevailing regulatory requirements in Hong Kong.
  38. If there is any inconsistency between English and Chinese versions, English version shall prevail.